Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Positively Today

when there's nothing to say...

It's great to be a good listener; listening intensely & deeply is an art
Where you allow the person to pour out all that is in his mind ...like emptying a bucket of sludge
But, with an empty mind, the person must be prepared to change, refresh & adapt
A Zen Master once said "If you are like a completely filled cup, nothing can go in.." Ummm
Another said "Give me a baby and I can make him an angel or evil" ~ conditioning
Many can get pass stress with minimum impediments
But, one life lost is one too many

Can the monk, priest, pastor ~ the religious man ~ resist temptation? Sure, most can
Ice melts when heat is applied; water froze when temperature drops
Day turns into night as the moon draws the tide
Every drops fill the ocean ~ as flowers do bloom in the desert
The ecosystem is balanced
There is a solution to every problem
Fear not; somewhere, somehow, someday ...you will find your ideal

How does one work himself to a corner and feel trapped? Constant resistance drain one of energy
The best swimmer can't make it by swimming against the tide
It is easy to say 'Yes' or 'No' but it is never easy to 'do nothing'; remaining calm & unmoved is Zen
Long after everyone is gone, the last man left standing is the winner
The bullies, the dictator, the scums, the perpetrators fear most is 'the eerie silence of non-reaction'
Deng XP said "...remain cool, calm & keep low but be ready to pounce when opportunity presents"

Can you?

I always thought I can & I still think I CAN
Until I am being challenged with one leg over the cliff
The mind is a loose instruments filled with emotions ~ the fear to loss
The loss is not restricted to the self but a 'show hand' deal
There is nothing to loss if I am alone; being born & dying is not my choice
I am acutely aware of my temporary existence
No moment is lost ~ I live in the currency of time

Help others as you will help yourself
Make room for others and make their lives a little easier & yours will be too
Harmony can be harnessed through compassion & sharing
The good will triumph over evil in due course
Slow down, rest but don't quit if you are tire
Everyone will achieve his/her ideal and goal ~ soon


Tomorrow is not promised but it shall come
What good does it make if tomorrow comes and you are gone? Live to see the next sunshine
Call, do not wait for others to call you ...
If you want anything really badly, you will just have to DO IT
My heart lightens with every smile however bad the day is
I'd live long enough to have my last laughs

GOD willing I will find my goal


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Changing My Life & Turning My Fate

from a 'nobody to a legend'...

Everyone is born naked & returns empty
The glory, fame, money and power ceases when one dies
Only legend lives on & there a few and far in between
Fine lines separate a genius and a moron
Fools come in bagful while geniuses are a handful
The successful never need to brag while empty vessels make the most noises
Whether you are new or old, it's the classic that remains; cherished, loved & desired
The moment of truth is a litmus test for many
Fools bath in warmth & overstayed only to self- destruct
The fool & his money will soon part
The wise walk away to victory & safe abode
However, 真金不怕火 only the genuine lasts
Victory separates the boys from the man
We must stay long enough to enjoy the last laugh
Bricks & stones break bones, not words
Nobody dies from poverty or another's ostracism; be yourself
When there is sharing, there are no living poor
The spirited environment lifts everyone's Souls
There is no fear nor threat
Freedom & rights are the Rule of the Land where suspicions and betrayals are unheard of
The surroundings are cherry, charming & festive
No begging, no ostracism, no class-divide, no animosity...
It is Utopia on Earth

Forever & ever, it is Faiths & Beliefs that smooth routes are built
It a stairway to Heaven

Leave all your worries, grouses, disharmony & misfortunes in the old year ; leave them all behind

天时地利人和 - The new Year 2017 is your LUCKY start

Man - why doubt if you can fill your heart with glee & your journey with smiles & successes

Thursday, December 8, 2016


the newly mint may not be the best...

Every 'new' whatever starts with expectations, desires, hopes & promises
It all starts with "I Can & I Want..." but many loss their way & ideals as challenges surface
The magic of 'Beginnings'
Deeply committed, surely can, no problem... these are words, not actions
Everyone loves a winner; there is no room for failures
Speaking loudly are just empty cans; it's noise 虎头老鼠尾

Reality is cruel because it only reward the successes & successor
Winning & coming in second is hardly recognised nor acknowledged
Before you feel stressed out, the Human world is ruled by the 'Laws of the Jungle"
The Red Indians were marginalised, the Maoris were cannibalised, the weaker citizens were gassed
A small sunny island's citizens are 'diluted & sold-out' with more foreigners than citizens in numbers
Equality & fairness are empty words

New does not always mean better & so are empty promises and slogans

Brick & mortars build houses, not homes
If you con't take care of your own, who will? Opening your home to all others is a moron's wisdom
Buying support, like buying respect, never last - for soon everything is forgotten
Nobody is a born leader; most a made & someday ~ death the leveller triumphs
Be kind & good to your fellowmen for they supports your ideals & goals & seek a simple living
No wealthy man can live happily, safely & in harmony in a 'sea of poor'

One GrandMaster told me "when you help everyone or most, everyone will pray for your well-being, good health and prosperity. When you curse, dominate, usurp power & control, the same crowd will return you likewise"

Every day can be the beginning of a new life
We become what we think
You can immerse in misery, live in darkness & continue with self-imposed decay ~ & die some day
I'd rather swim the deepest ocean, climb the highest mountain & dive from stratosphere
A wholesome living indeed

Every day is NEW
Every NEW brings hope
Write your NEW resolutions ~ fulfilling is another chapter
Find NEW directions ~ getting lost is part of the game
And aboveall, stay young & NEW

The Going Is Getting Tougher ...But

the onslaught of harsh wintry winds 寒冷的冬天...

Almost every December I have to moult & leave behind certain bondages
The illicit joy of care & comfort will have to end
Expect the unexpected
The price of enjoyment is doubly painful ~ when sweetness evaporates, bitterness bites
The harshness of reality cuts; alas...
Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. 
Do not let pain make you hate. 
Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness
Beautiful statement warming a frozen hope

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your Soul on fire

Be the energy you want to attract
Focus on the good
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination
Be gentle with yourself
You're are doing your best you can
Just because my path is different doesn't mean I'm lost
Kind heart
Fierce mind
Brave spirit

Go easy on yourself

I have been harsh on myself as I know tempering a sword requires extreme heat
Heat it until it turns dark blue and then immediately remove it from the heat source. 
Cool it either rapidly or slowly, whichever you prefer
However, if the blade warped during hardening, straighten it while it's hot from tempering
A good sword matches a great man 人在剑在 剑没人亡
Nothing can be achieved with a weak heart & a weaker mind
To be cruel is to be kind

After moulting, a new image is formed
A rejuvenated, remodelled & slick new 'me' manifest a brighter future
Daring & willing
You only live once; live well & live to the fullest
After December, a new year is born
After winter, Spring returns with a splash of colors
I shall lie low, hibernate & returns to splash the rainbow of opportunities

Nobody can take victory away from me
My partner is GOD & my power is Faith

Monday, December 5, 2016

December Is Not The End

...as the day draw to a close, the last page of the calendar drops

31,536,000 seconds is not too long ; 365 days to be exact
December is the closing month of the year and the preparation for everything new ... again
Those Resolutions at the beginning of the year is in need of dusting and review
Many are off targets and few are complete ~ repeating and renewing is a norm
This is the power of "HOPEs"

Nature send layers of cool, cold snow to envelop rough,dirty, unkempt surfaces
With the sunshine reflecting clean, white surfaces; alas! magically the pains and ugliness disappear
The cold winter 寒冷的冬天 forces everyone to slowdown
Seeking warm, galvanizing friendship, building togetherness, reflecting on the past over the fireplace
Suddenly ...the disappointment, the setbacks, the sorrows, the unachieved; all melt away

When streams froze, fish survive under warmer waters
Trees de-leaves and stand nakedly to retain water and warmth
Birds seek refuge & migrate miles away to protect their offspring and continuity
Animals dig in retreating into the wilderness
While Man harness & blends into the harsh demands of wintry winds

Since the dawn of Mankind, Man has adopt and adapt well into the environment
There is zero fear of/in climate change; it is indeed changing continuously
The advent of Mankind has manifested a speedier climate change; for the worse
Greed, selfishness and envy translate into indiscriminate pollution of the land,see and air
GOD has no reason to end the world but it happens, it will be man's own doing

I love December & all the more Winter
Like it or not, the old is departing and a 'layer of whitewash' cleans the tired feet,soles & Soul
You are forced by the cold to slowdown, take stock and reminisce
Recollections give many "...I should have..." which will never return
Time and tides wait for no Man

Everything changes

The new shall arrive; not necessarily better but surely newer
The lost shall be found; may not be the same but fundamentally unscarred
Day turns into night as the bad shall turn good & better
Luck returns
When Spring comes, all shall be bright, flowery & everything nice

Only those who pass on, tomorrow doesn't matters

This world is made for the living
From dust to dust ~ 生老病死 
Everything replace, replenish, reform and reworks
Only the form may be different
With HOPEs & FAITH, we shall prosper

Thursday, December 1, 2016

When Dying Was Not A Choice

animals die in faraway places not to be seen ...

When animal dies, it either die alone & lonely or die with their flocks
Carps die after spawning, female praying mantis eats up their male during mating
Elderly eagles break their beaks to strengthen and maintain their sharpness as they aged
Lion rules the jungle but when aged, even the hyenas dominate and eat it as meal

Loneliness is the ultimate poverty - Pauline Philips

The hospice caters to the terminally ill who knew their time is limited and seek a painless delivery
Their pains, irritations & sufferings cannot be quantified nor easily relieved
Living may not be a choice but must be dignified
Their will to live is, more often than not, their Faiths in GOD

The rich but sickly has no use for money; you cannot pay someone to suffer your illness
The dead poor is not nearly dead but must struggle to find his next meal
The young trades his health for money while the elders use his wealth to 'buy' health
When sickness hit, dying is never a choice however terminal

Parents struggle to bring up kids and when kids are grown-ups, it's an empty-nest syndrome
In this moneyed world, without money, little to nothing can be done 有钱不是万能 但无钱万万不能
When you are old, immobile, sick and penniless and help is not available, dying is a choice not readily available
The need to survive is all the more demanding and trying

Are the old really insignificant and discardable? They are not digits in statistics
To the successful people who disowned and discard their parents, your Karma isn't far
Nobody wants to be sick and dependent 生老病死 ~ The Laws of Nature dictates
Spare a thought for the aged & unwell; dying is not a choice

When death comes a-calling, there must be dignity
No one should die unwanted, alone in the wild & with death as a choice
Euthanasia ~ should be available for those who suffers overwhelming pains and scourge
A dignified exit is what every man deserves without having to make a choice

If you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend into the world before and people continue to disappoint them - Jodi Picoult

When Winter Comes

cool, cold, freezing ...

What have I done for the last 11 months that slipped away 'like a moments breathe'
The last breathe is always the final not unlike time
Time shall never return ~ time and tides wait for no man
Whatever hopes, fears & aspiration of yesterday remains ~ not fulfilled yet

As I look back I have gain little materially but experiences aplenty
I have had unending challenges and uninvited troubles
At times, the tides were overwhelming and chocking
Giving up was the best solution ....but

The smart stay on the wayside and let the backlash flows
Swimming against the tides is an impossible; Nature is ever overpowering
Get up and get going was not the choice; it's best to immerse & blend into the environment
Live to fight another day

When you were young, there were abundant energy but little experiences
When you are old, there is little latent energy but plentiful of experiences
But...if "it must go wrong, it will go wrong"; fighting Murphy is chasing our own shadow
If Fate is predetermined, then 'sit-by' & wait

Alas, I have wasted no effort but continued my moves forward
Where there's a breathe, I battled on
Not for fear of losing out but you really do not know if you are near success ~ nearly succeed is nil
Struggles are only possible if you are well and alive ~ keep going

If tomorrow comes

Winter is a time to relax, recharge, recuperate and relieve the pains
Many resolutions are 3/4 empty and many hopes are... just HOPEs
I had many misses; always hopeful & never felt hopeless
There is nothing that cannot be achieved 心有多大 舞台就多大

天时地利人和 ~ 天助我也

I never wait for the new calendar to arrive
Everyday is the best day
I fight to gain in every challenge ~ it's the fight in the dog, not the size
Am I scared & discouraged? Discourage, perhaps, but never scare

Rest if I must, but never quit
Tomorrow, I shall shine & rule
Today, the hurtful and tire Soul is under repairs & maintenance
With God's input & blessings ~ the latent me shall resurrect