Thursday, December 8, 2016


the newly mint may not be the best...

Every 'new' whatever starts with expectations, desires, hopes & promises
It all starts with "I Can & I Want..." but many loss their way & ideals as challenges surface
The magic of 'Beginnings'
Deeply committed, surely can, no problem... these are words, not actions
Everyone loves a winner; there is no room for failures
Speaking loudly are just empty cans; it's noise 虎头老鼠尾

Reality is cruel because it only reward the successes & successor
Winning & coming in second is hardly recognised nor acknowledged
Before you feel stressed out, the Human world is ruled by the 'Laws of the Jungle"
The Red Indians were marginalised, the Maoris were cannibalised, the weaker citizens were gassed
A small sunny island's citizens are 'diluted & sold-out' with more foreigners than citizens in numbers
Equality & fairness are empty words

New does not always mean better & so are empty promises and slogans

Brick & mortars build houses, not homes
If you con't take care of your own, who will? Opening your home to all others is a moron's wisdom
Buying support, like buying respect, never last - for soon everything is forgotten
Nobody is a born leader; most a made & someday ~ death the leveller triumphs
Be kind & good to your fellowmen for they supports your ideals & goals & seek a simple living
No wealthy man can live happily, safely & in harmony in a 'sea of poor'

One GrandMaster told me "when you help everyone or most, everyone will pray for your well-being, good health and prosperity. When you curse, dominate, usurp power & control, the same crowd will return you likewise"

Every day can be the beginning of a new life
We become what we think
You can immerse in misery, live in darkness & continue with self-imposed decay ~ & die some day
I'd rather swim the deepest ocean, climb the highest mountain & dive from stratosphere
A wholesome living indeed

Every day is NEW
Every NEW brings hope
Write your NEW resolutions ~ fulfilling is another chapter
Find NEW directions ~ getting lost is part of the game
And aboveall, stay young & NEW

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