Monday, December 5, 2016

December Is Not The End the day draw to a close, the last page of the calendar drops

31,536,000 seconds is not too long ; 365 days to be exact
December is the closing month of the year and the preparation for everything new ... again
Those Resolutions at the beginning of the year is in need of dusting and review
Many are off targets and few are complete ~ repeating and renewing is a norm
This is the power of "HOPEs"

Nature send layers of cool, cold snow to envelop rough,dirty, unkempt surfaces
With the sunshine reflecting clean, white surfaces; alas! magically the pains and ugliness disappear
The cold winter 寒冷的冬天 forces everyone to slowdown
Seeking warm, galvanizing friendship, building togetherness, reflecting on the past over the fireplace
Suddenly ...the disappointment, the setbacks, the sorrows, the unachieved; all melt away

When streams froze, fish survive under warmer waters
Trees de-leaves and stand nakedly to retain water and warmth
Birds seek refuge & migrate miles away to protect their offspring and continuity
Animals dig in retreating into the wilderness
While Man harness & blends into the harsh demands of wintry winds

Since the dawn of Mankind, Man has adopt and adapt well into the environment
There is zero fear of/in climate change; it is indeed changing continuously
The advent of Mankind has manifested a speedier climate change; for the worse
Greed, selfishness and envy translate into indiscriminate pollution of the land,see and air
GOD has no reason to end the world but it happens, it will be man's own doing

I love December & all the more Winter
Like it or not, the old is departing and a 'layer of whitewash' cleans the tired feet,soles & Soul
You are forced by the cold to slowdown, take stock and reminisce
Recollections give many "...I should have..." which will never return
Time and tides wait for no Man

Everything changes

The new shall arrive; not necessarily better but surely newer
The lost shall be found; may not be the same but fundamentally unscarred
Day turns into night as the bad shall turn good & better
Luck returns
When Spring comes, all shall be bright, flowery & everything nice

Only those who pass on, tomorrow doesn't matters

This world is made for the living
From dust to dust ~ 生老病死 
Everything replace, replenish, reform and reworks
Only the form may be different
With HOPEs & FAITH, we shall prosper

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