Sunday, December 11, 2016

Changing My Life & Turning My Fate

from a 'nobody to a legend'...

Everyone is born naked & returns empty
The glory, fame, money and power ceases when one dies
Only legend lives on & there a few and far in between
Fine lines separate a genius and a moron
Fools come in bagful while geniuses are a handful
The successful never need to brag while empty vessels make the most noises
Whether you are new or old, it's the classic that remains; cherished, loved & desired
The moment of truth is a litmus test for many
Fools bath in warmth & overstayed only to self- destruct
The fool & his money will soon part
The wise walk away to victory & safe abode
However, 真金不怕火 only the genuine lasts
Victory separates the boys from the man
We must stay long enough to enjoy the last laugh
Bricks & stones break bones, not words
Nobody dies from poverty or another's ostracism; be yourself
When there is sharing, there are no living poor
The spirited environment lifts everyone's Souls
There is no fear nor threat
Freedom & rights are the Rule of the Land where suspicions and betrayals are unheard of
The surroundings are cherry, charming & festive
No begging, no ostracism, no class-divide, no animosity...
It is Utopia on Earth

Forever & ever, it is Faiths & Beliefs that smooth routes are built
It a stairway to Heaven

Leave all your worries, grouses, disharmony & misfortunes in the old year ; leave them all behind

天时地利人和 - The new Year 2017 is your LUCKY start

Man - why doubt if you can fill your heart with glee & your journey with smiles & successes

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