Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Before The Last Curtain Is Down

how much life is left and how fast time flies...

How I fought through this whole year 2015 without much success
There were plentiful to do but...despite all the possibilities I seemed to 'hit the wall' ~ everytime
Was it Destiny or was it plain unlucky? I believe I am always Lucky
If Destiny is preordained, attitude can change destiny
Oh! that's what I always say

How much more punches can I take and how long can I sustain? I have been solving others' problems
Can I seriously weather the challenges and come out unscathed? I always think 'nothing can stop me'
Of late, I am getting tired
I am afterall... a human
Will I last until Spring arrives?

Did I meet my Waterloo?
I fight like there is only one winner ~ thats, ME
I speak with authority & assertiveness at seminars and private presentations
What's stopping me from my Victory, my rewards, my accolades, my dues...?
I am almost drained dry of my energy
My drives are getting weaker & the challenges harsher

I am always ready; physically, mentally and well prepared for my next 'surprise'
I fight to win
The days of winning are near
Before the last curtain drops in 2015, I shall close a deal, as always
I am ready...ready for victory

My journey was a drag
I am almost a spent force
But, I have been always able to sustain until the next victory
This shall be the same, as always
The sweet taste of VICTORY....soon

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