Thursday, December 10, 2015


...lie the down oddities

The world is as convoluted as ever...
The US/Nato years of bombing of ISIS & their positions did not produce the same (or better) results as what Russia did in two weeks

A Russian's aircraft was shot down by Turkish air defence outside her airspace
Now, Turkey, a known member of NATO, is protecting ISIS from Russian airstrikes
By extension, ISIS is protected by NATO

Omigosh! The West couldn't think straight
It's Politics without principle

Martin Shkreli, 32, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals  while working for Retrophin;  he tried int increase the price of Thiola from $1.50 to $30 a pill and now, Daraprim $13.50 to $750
Business without ethics and Science without humanity is destructive 

Why talk of God ending the world when men can easily self destruct
Complaints of climate changes and the need to control emissions are hollow if the larger consuming nations are reluctant to cut pollution
The Burqa is fairly suitable outfit for desert conditions and shield them from the desert sands and storms but to wear it and to walk through border do I know who are you just by looking at your pairs of eyes. 
Omigosh! Knowledge without character is oddities indeed

Singapore was built upon hard work, common sharing and care & share
The deep sea harbour along the strategic East/West routes has enable us to ride the growth of entrepot trades
We were not totally hopeless
If history was correct, by the 1960s Singapore was the second best country in Asia with Japan taking the lead
The then leaders plot the future while the people slog & support them without questions
Housing were provided for cheap and jobs were created
The leaders were recognised and their powers unchallenged
Peace and prosperity manifests

But now...
There seem to be a huge gap (a gaping hole) between the 'Have' & the 'Have-Not', coupled   with a dwindling mid-class
The Gini-Coefficient is growing
Are the mass forced to eat out of the hands of the Elites? Or, were the results coincidental
Can the rich live in a 'sea of poor'

Can the proletariat and the Mid-class co-mingle with the Elites to manifest growth? Yet, an oddity

I guess I have no answers and neither will i have sleepless nights over this
"To survive best when others survive worse..." is my motto
I can't change, nor intend to change, the world

To succeed, you need to read and understand the situation, immerse into it, learn the ropes and outdo the shrewd and schemers  

If Providence is fated, then attitude changes Fate
As Singaporeans, we are born and shall grow up here until death do we part
It is not about some snobbish-elitist remarks that "if you don't like it, you can migrate'
Mind you, you need money - MONEY - to migrate
It is equally ungrateful to leave the less fortunate, poor, old and sick to fend for themselves
So long as you are born a SINGAPOREAN, you enjoy equal rights from your  'Soil of Birth'

I have faith that the ruling class will care & share with the Mid-class and proletariat

We swim & sink together; GOD has a way of ensuring that, oddity aside

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