Sunday, November 15, 2015

Be Yourself As Every Winner Will

No "IFs", no "BUTs"...

How meaning can be imputed into words and the real meaning simply evaporates...? Omigosh
Truth can be slanted
Half-truths, if repeated long enough, becomes truth ~ the power of 'make-belief' ~ the spin wizards
The world is a stage and we are actors 人生就是一场戏 

A "NO" answer does not require any reasons

I had my fair share of 'MAYBEs' and it cost me time, money and inconveniences
Why didn't I simply say 'No'?
Perhaps, I feel sorry to turn someone down or I'm afraid to be seen as 'not trying...'
In the end, it costs me more

I wish and I'm beginning to learn to say 'No' affirmatively
It has saved me time, efforts and embarassments
There are people who prosper 'by association' and make use of my 'maybe' to gain stature

It's difficult to say 'No' but it's worse if 'Yes' was uttered instead
The burden, responsibility, aspersions and guilt is immense
The time and efforts taken to clear the name and reputation is lengthy
Walking away is sometimes a perfect solution

When the heat is on, walk away
When an argument prevails, reasons are not heard
When a person is accused of wrongdoing, the time and pain taken to undo it is torturous and humiliating at times
Dying was at times a perfect solution
From the ashes, rise the phoenix

Learn to let go, to put down & ignore 放下
Only light will lit up total darkness ~ shooting in the dark achieves nothing and destroy everything

Darkness shall make way for day break
A lighted match lits up a darkened room
Why wait for daybreak if you can switch on the light? The Soul is enlightened when the Mind is calm

All pains shall go away

If living is tough and rough, why not enjoy it? Nothing can hurt if you do not allow it to
Do your best and leave the rest
We are living proofs that, without life, nothing matters

Stay positive
Stay healthy
Tomorrow's problems, like tomorrow, never come
Yesterday is gone
Only TODAY counts for good
Be current, be brave, be prepared ...the world is yours to conquer

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