Friday, November 13, 2015

Regrets ~ I Have Few

...From seed to sapling to plant to bud to flower & fade 

Everything goes through a cycle
Time is the best ingredient; you simply can't rush

W.Buffet said "You can have a baby in nine months but you can't impregnate 9 women & get a baby in one month!"

Butterfly : When the larvae becomes a pupa, it looks like a dead, dry case
Overtime, pupa breaks & the butterfly surfaces
The wet wings will crisp dry before it achieve her beauty & FLY
If you attempt to help break the pupa or spread its wings, the butterfly is 'born' prematurely, handicap by her wet wings and will not be able to fly  
Death is the only certainty

My successes came naturally without the 'rush' which were deliberately spaced out
I empower myself with knowledge, practices and gained experiences over time
I self studied and armed myself with various qualifications 
I compressed time to achieve more in the shortest time possible

I fought for all that I wanted

With success, comes freedom
I have choices
My life was managed and the volatility minimized

But, I do have my fair share of setbacks...they slowed me down but I did not allow myself to wallow in self-pity, paralysed nor immobilized

I was born poor but I live rich...a step at a time
I would not allow defeats to drown me 
I feel the fire within me and my believe that 'I am born a winner - winning is well within me'
I am who I am...the born winner, leader & rain-maker

Some days I stared blankly & sometimes I await my next success
Whatever, but I never slack
I stared steely into the eyes of defeat; it's painful, demoralizing and destructive
I am waiting for my next lucky break...

In moments of doubts, I PRAY
In moments of pressures, I Meditate
I believe that the break is near
I want to live the best of everyday

So long as I am around & breathing
SUCCESS is like a 'flip of a coin'

Whatever I do, I do within my means
I change Fate as my attitude determines Providence

Tomorrow is never promised

Go ...conquer the highest mountains & swim the deepest ocean
Whatever you don't do, you may not be able to do as age catches on

Today is The Day



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