Tuesday, December 22, 2015


a timely reminder that as winter draws to a close, Spring comes...

What's the value of time?
To the young, it's hope
To the mid-age, it's their future
To the aged, it's a walk in the park before returning 'home'

Time and tides wait for no man

It's disheartening to read that 'aged' is viewed as burden, immobility, dependent and everything negative!
In S. Korea, the suicide rates increase as age increases 60..70..80...are we (in Singapore) any different?

Haven't the younger ever realized that aging is as normal as sunrise and sunset?

I have met many elderly who still mix around with their cohorts & the common albeit happy acceptance is 'death is the only norm' ...."哎呀,我们以前4座做满满。现在一座坐不完
It's not about death; it's about the quality of living and the dignity as death comes a-calling
December like winter, as it is about aged, shall pass!

Youths start with “满夫过海” the journey of hope
As you grow and go, you add...
The more you add the bigger and heavier you carry & with every success, you offload.
There are victories and a few defeats if you are lucky; as most taste defeat long before the sweet smell of victory abounds

If I'm given 'Smartness' or 'Lucky', I'd take 'Lucky' anytime!

When you are tired, don't quit
Slow down if you must
Rest if necessary; if it's too heavy, let go some
Letting go is the key to happiness
Letting go 放下 is not giving up 放弃
When the heart is content, happiness flows

春夏秋冬 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Spring like youth is filled with hopes, aspirations and everything nice
Summer is where efforts when properly, relevantly and appropriately applied will sow the seeds to the future
Autumn is harvesting time and preparing to rest and retreat; the poetic 丰收时辰
Winter is the time to reminize, recall and re-strategise ....& rest

Tomorrow is never promised

I had tried everything that I needed done in 2015
There were many misses and a few minor victories but I did not live in vain
I gained experiences; can you say the same?

Today, I continue to plough the fields (of opportunities)...

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