Monday, August 18, 2014

Promise... Promises... Promised

everything is promising until delivered...

When I started working 30 years ago, my senior officer told me that everything is promising until delivered
I understand what he meant although I was a rookie then and everyone around me told me 'you are a promising youth'; then, I had only started work following my "O" Level
Further studies was out of question because my family was poor, very poor indeed
I knew that if I acquired a skill or a special knowledge, I will be of value to my employer & prospects
The world is, and shall be, mine to conquer

But, the reality is different; reality is always cruel
I wonder what our Ministers are barking at with :  'that ITEs, POLYs - without a degree, you can still succeed', 'that even with degrees you may not be able to put meals on the tables', 'there is no need for degrees'...
Since time memorial, the educated rules the less & un- educated
Since Confucius time, the poor scholars ace the Imperial Exams and return to shine
Our Civil Service, Military and related machineries are filled with scholars
Do you still NOT need a degree? Omigosh, tell that to your children

If you can study and you don't make good use of your mental capacity, it's your fault
If you are good in certain skills or areas, be the best - baker, chefs, actor, craftsmen
If you can't study but have acute business acumen, go start a business & prosper
Whatever it is, be the BEST

My billionaire business contact told me once "I am not educated but I employed all types; degrees, MBAs, PHds, alas...

In a Capitalist-Democratic society, the politician rules with the help of businessmen who grease the economy
One creates the rules while the other plays within the rules;  the workers provide the effort (work in exchange for income)

The businessmen lobby for favourable terms while the workers lobby for equitable compensation; the Politician is the arbiter

The politician promises that everyone will be equitably rewarded & cared for
The businessmen promised to share his fruits
The workers still waiting for the promises.

Guess, everything is promising until delivered...

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