Saturday, August 2, 2014

Can You Challenge Destiny?

time changes everything...

After writing for so many years, this the first time that I did not pen anything in a month (July)
Murphy's Laws were on assault over this period of time; things go wrong, went wrong or were simply not right

My aged mum fell and injured again. Omigosh! simply 'cos her right leg didn't agree with her left leg
Rushed her to hospital, made necessary arrangements for her to be warded; when she's down, we get busy

I am the invincible but, at times, I was near breathless; willing but unable
The internet was down, the stockmarket was dead and the 'Buys' were down while the 'Sells' were up
My laptop hanged and I did (whatever) something and lost all my information and data

Some days ago MH17 was shot down over Ukraine and when I landed in Shanghai, another airplane drop in Taiwan in bad weather while yet another crash in Mali
How uncertain death called unannounced

I have matched businesses which were, and will be, consummated at the click of a finger
NO, it didn't happen this way; it was utter failure
Failures, failures and more failure

Am I in a hurry to succeed and to get things right? Maybe ...
I have worked hard, harder than anyone
Or, perhaps, I have been working hard but wasn't smart
Or, Lady Luck is deserting me, has deserted me ...or, ??? whatever

Is GOD testing me; if so, I would have failed...failed badly indeed
As my spirit is willing but my body is weak - defeat are real while victory are a 'feel'
This reminds me:
In my younger days, I was so, so, so very confident when I went for my driving test
Failed the first time...failed again the second time
By the third time, I was floored, unsure and no more confident but I PASSED

Can I challenge destiny? Or should I bid my time

Yes, anyone can challenge Providence but you must be prepared for defeats, defeats & more defeats when your time is not due
Like the butterfly; unless and until the wings are dry, you simply cannot fly

I wish I know; I guess I know

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Anonymous said...

Greeting wizard,

Hope you mum is OK?

Let's have a discussion. Like to ask you one question since you mentioned Ukraine.

Whom do you think brought down MH17 base on what you read from MSM or Internet?