Thursday, August 28, 2014

Medical Costs & Survival care has become health scare

It is not nice to fall sick; I suppose 'no one wants to fall sick' & to say 'staying healthy is the best way to keep health costs low' is speaking the obvious.

Instead of addressing and rectifying the shortcomings of things that were not done correctly, it was the usual 'the grass take time to grow', 'honest mistakes', 'pay more for better services', 'installing traffic light to show extent of crowdedness in MRT stations', 'at least the patients get warded & have spaces sleeping in tents and corridors'...

Are these naiveness or indifference?

How or why are health costs higher & climbing? The possibilities ;

1) increased in number of people (population, both local & foreigners) seeking medical attention but the number of doctors, trained allied healthcare personnel, nurses and infrastructure lack behind demand

2) unnecessary tests and procedures

3) excessive prescription of drugs

4) medical tourism in public hospitals

5) budgets for health care & support is lacking and inadequate

6) Where Govt &/or restructured hospitals and the health ministry is profit-centric (profit maximization)

The passing of health costs &/or the costs of medicine and treatment to the population is decidedly cruel. Why shouldn't the State cares for the sick and aged? These people have duly traded their youth in nation building and contributed to nation via taxes, done national defence (NS) and are committed Singaporeans. There is no doubt that sickness and diseases are blind and hit anyone even those who constantly remained upright, healthy and live a comparatively healthy lifestyle.

Will the Medishield Life helps? Maybe, but with a pre-planned excessive surplus and reserves in place, everyone will be burdened, save for those who can afford it. There must be an honest and sincere intent to help the sick, a deliberate attempt to lower health costs & a compassion to see that the well being of the populace is taken care of; passing the buck is NOT!

Am I ultruistic and unreal? No

I am speaking now that I can. I wouldn't want to be the last man speaking about my concerns when I am at deathbed.

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