Monday, December 1, 2014

Think The Unthinkable

it is the last page of the Calender, 1st December...

Time flies but it has often been consistent; no faster nor slower
When you are happy or occupied, time flies
In time of sadness and crisis, time crawls
I never feel I was ever growing old but I am still walking towards the end like everyone else
Age is only a digit & most of us are double-digits

Climb the highest mountain
Swim the deepest ocean
Walk to the Poles
Dive from the highest point
Dare To Be Different

I just met a friend, an ex-Accountant, coming 50 years of age
He had given up his job, married & settled down with a 3 year old kid
He is spending more time with his family and keeping as fit as possible (he said he  overcame his health challenges)
Why do most people spend their youth making money and use money earned to restore health? Sadly true

Another new friend, also about 50 years old, of mine just jolly accepted that he had lost his wife to cancer two years ago; he's at peace

The last person that I wanted to mention was a scholarly friend of mine into his late 20s, armed with an MBA and a smart talker; he left the country quietly and unceremoniously. Only he knows what has driven him to leave...

When the last page of the calender arrives, it's like the last few breathes; looking back to see what was not achieved and done

Think the Unthinkable and conquer the supposedly Impossible but never, never risk your life & the lives of your immediate loved ones

Decide NOW

Never to look back again
Do whatever you wanna dream & do
No one can make you a slave nor steals your dreams
Think out of the box, tear the box apart, redraw the box...

What the mind can think, it can achieve

The world is yours to conquer

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