Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Year Of Surprises

the four seasons start with Spring - Summer -Autumn - Winter ..

With another week to go 2014 shall disappear and in comes 2015

What are the norms and new-normal?

Amazingly, self-denial, denying and reflecting is a new norm with some anomalies;

* more jobs were created but more Singaporeans loss their jobs with even more foreigners employed
* bus operators who arrive on time were rewarded; isn't they suppose to be on time?
* there is a possibility of raising bus fares despite the two transport Cos making handsome profits
* elected-MP needs to seek approval from un-elected officials
* rat infestation became a witch-hunting experience
* Singaporeans first (priority) is said to be bad for Singaporeans; it's good for Trojan Horse
* someday you may return to your HDB home and many unknown workers are doing repair works in your house
* actions cannot be taken nor rectification done until, and unless (haha), the e-media blasts them over the net
* ...the list goes on

However, many are still complaining and continues complaining only; the 60+%.
Complaining is also a new-normal.

Going forward Singapore will be celebrating SG50 but with more foreigners arriving, will Singaporeans meet diaspora and seek new land? Impossible?

Well, kindergarten kids here sing Mao's China liberation songs & the Pinoys wanted to celebrate their own national day in public places.

Foreigners bring new experiences to Singaporeans too; The Little India Riot was executed by South Asians while the PRC bus drivers went on strike. What you cannot do or dare not do is 'a cup of tea for the foreigners'!

Interestingly, members have their privileges.

NTUC's  Warehouse Club~megastore only entertains members
I fear that someday, only members and supporters of the ruling party that NTUC supports can shop at NTUC fairprice, megastores & whatever. I meant, it could be any Party!!!

Of late, there seem to be more academics and thinktanks writing articles and publishing research findings/outcomes to support mainstream suppositions like Singaporeans are happier, more jobs available but Singaporeans are choosy or not relevantly qualified, things are (very) affordable and that Singapore is indeed not the most expensive place to stay.

I pray all the good things and events are true, the others are merely bad dreams. Hopefully, the seasons keep changing and we are not stalled at the coldest not the warmest moment. The reality is always harsh...

I also pray that if the wide income gap cannot be closed, then it's fine to level down! My Christmas & 2015  wish is sealed.

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