Wednesday, December 31, 2014

20142015 ~ The Singapore Code

The year of disconnect, denial & challenges...

Our 3-roomed sunny island has lost her smiles
There's a disconnect between the Govt & the commoners

Disconnect Or Class-divide?

- more foreigners is better
If aging population is a problem, then all foreigners must have 'shelf-life', that is, Sg welcomes those suitably qualified on a 3 (cycles) x 5years stay, with a cap at age 45. Everyone who rejects a citizenship when offered will be repatriated.

- foreigners can volunteer for Volunteer force without obligations
Why must citizens serve NS compulsorily whereas foreigners/PRs have a choice? What's the rationale that our boys be famished whilst foreigners steal meals & feast?

- there are enough assistance as there are no 'dead' poor
Do you need to be dead before dropping poor? The rise in soup-kitchen attendances speak volumes

- you want better services, pay more
If paying is the only solution, you don't need highly paid scholarsto draft, & highest paid Ministers to approve, policies.

- more jobs are created but more foreigners are employed & the numbers of PMETs Unemployment
rises parallelly
Sg'reans voted & selected their Rep only to benefit foreigners; do they know which side of their bread is buttered?

- medicals & medicine are available if you I) have money or II)join the queue with a new class hospital beds ~ C-minus class (corridor-class)
How did we end up with insufficient locally trained doctors & medical auxiliaries, beds & facilities despite adding a couple of new hospitals? Were more space apportioned to fee-paying patients?

- the elected-Rep needs to seek approval from an appointed person
This is slippery; what if an evil-raider takes over?

- rat infestation is due to feeders & strays
Shouldn't the feedback & public-spiritedness be complimented instead of witchhunting & finger pointing.

- overpriced stadium came incomplete & leaks
This takes the cake; >$1mil (a few $million) spent on grass, lighting & replanting, not to mention the leaking roofs.

- almost everything is affordable
The word 'Affordable', like FTs & terrorists, is so loosely used that it losses its meaning.

- it's not the G's job to love  Sg'reans
Perhaps, only Einstein can decipher How she was chosen & got into parliament! Was she voted in by foreigners?

This the last page on the last day of 2014; long after many of us are gone, Singapore will still be around. But, if we persist to build a Class-divide, like olden days India, Society will implodes & level down.

I believe SINGAPOREans will unite to undo this disequilibrium & inequity.

There's enough time for the incumbents & every concerned citizens to erase the crack lines. Let's start with 2015.

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