Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 ~ A Quiet Opening

the draft of winds blew lazily over the horizon ...

This is the slowest opening of any years I have known to date; at least, for me
There was no hopeful tie-ups or businesses line up
Just ready to drift...
Sending the old, un-done and uncompleted businesses forward
The future is uncertain

If wealth is an indicator of happiness, I should easily score 6.5/10
Not rich, neither very poor; just enough to drift through like the draft of wind

I am a fairly contented person, cheering and motivating others
Helping the less fortunate and speaking out against repression and bullying
But, with this, I am 'flooded' with the many 'take for granted' people
Yes, I do it voluntarily and without seeking any returns
Guess, maybe the some time, my chips & biorhythm are low

I am as frail and weak as anyone
Maybe, internally; brittle to the point of cracking

Some days are drag but most are normal
Unfortunately, I discover I have new normal
The new normal is to be as cool, calm and lifeless (not reacting until surer)
But, after many, many years as a proactive person, this becomes a tall challenge
It's like the Great Lord is commanding me to slow down...

I don't fly like an eagle because I have been surrounded by ostriches
Overtime, I blend into their environment but I can't run as fast

The imposition of almost an almost perfect halt by the Higher One is killing
I have been on the ready everyday, especially getting things done almost immediately
No 'Ifs', no 'Buts'
Well, guess, this is a reminder that we are all running towards the end of life
Relax...relax; reflect and recharge ~ it's a journey

I will fly & fly high soon & soar into victory
The quiet opening of 2015 applies to ALL, not just me

God willing, I will succeed

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