Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Perfect Frustration

When you do not know what to do, then do nothing. ...

I am near perfect
Everytime, i try to be perfect or near perfect
I found I am perfectly frustrated
Perfection is almost non-existent

Not doing anything is a skill & costs nothing; its not being indifference. It's patience - in - motion

I always try helping others
I put others ahead of me often
I never fail to assist anyone who comes to see me with a problem
I only realized that whatever I do with my charitable self, it's self-defeating

Everyone takes for granted and any relieves and reprieve they receive is a 'right'
I am learning
I am learning to be a little more resilient, affirmative and to turn away the tides of pests
There is that much I can do

Inspite of defeats, unappreciated (something I never bother), taken for granted
I wake up everyday afresh, fit and ready to take on the challenging day
It's challenging only if I'm down (when the biorhytm) or when days are simply 'flat'
Otherwise, I fighting-fit; mentally, physically and in mind

Of course, like everything else, I need to disappear from humanity and familiarity to remain sane
In an isolation corner, I recharge, redeem, rejuvenate & return
Like the phoenix, I return from my the ashes
Like the butterfly whose wings are dried, I fly into grandsome, well & pretty

It's a perfection I have learnt

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