Friday, February 28, 2014

How To Be, And Remain, HAPPY

life has many downswings and it can be quite a struggle ...

Defeats - I have some but sprinkled with sporadic victories and winnings
It is tough walking through the alleys of defeats but worse when its a near defeat
The dark alleys always seem long, winding and is definitely merciless

It takes steely nerves to waddle through the alley of uncertainty and near defeats
Rest if you must but never quit - I struggle to keep my smiles, workout to keep my fitness & sanity
Whatever you believe in, you become

Instead of wallowing in self pity and counting the damages, I count my blessings and leftovers - the little I have left physically, emotionally, financially and pennilessly
I plan before embarking again - this time I take a different route - the road less travelled
It is always easier to act alone when all the friends and lesser-friends had left

The lone wolf is more potent and lethal - unwanted is not useless
The world worship a winner
I am the winner - a winner-to-be at the moment & victory is my to conquer

I never share my worries nor problems as few, if any, will be interested
More importantly, like everything else, it passes
I do my best and leave the rest - What I can't do now, it will be attended someday, perhaps, not by me but by my Creator

To remain happy, you have to be healthy - the Mind is definitive

Whether you are sad or happy, meek or brave, weak or strong, you still need to around when the sun rises again and your life brightens - Never be a dead hero. 

The choice is obvious

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