Monday, June 9, 2014

The Greatest Defeat In My Life

I am lost
I am completely lost in my own plot
The last few years were wasted times & unnecessary tears
Money were lost, compassion were traded, trust were shattered & I was left to walk alone

This time it's not alone but loneliness in defeat
My strategies were 'a flops' & my commitment has gone to the winds
False hopes, fake starts
There is no mercy in defeats

I have lost opportunities by trusting the wrong people
The untested, the inflated, the disinterested & the 'plain talkers'
Whatever, today I was hit really, really hard; a simple deal went to someone's else pocket
I have been silly, dreaming & in denials

Will the world waits for me? No
Will anyone show me mercy? No
Will I stand tall with the same attitude & beliefs? No
Will I be able to rise above this shattering defeat? YES, but I must leave this environment

I'm late. I'm very late
How stupid I was & how complacent I have been? The distractions, the make-beliefs, the hollow promises & my blind confidence
I am defeated in my own hands & by myself

It's been a long time
Today, I nearly, nearly cried; it's not dissimilar to my exams failure in Secondary Two
I promised myself now; it will never happen again
I will go out to conquer the World singlehandedly

I needed a good rest
When I awake again
My footsteps shall shake Earth again
I believe in MySelf

It's me FIRST.
If I can't swim, how will I ever saves a drowning man
If I'm scraping the bottom of the bowl, how will I ever have enough to spare
A new chapter starts on my next awakening

I Can & I Will


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