Monday, May 18, 2009

Winnings : Today & Everyday

Today & Everyday Is Payday

When all seem lost, don't loss your head (remain calm) and keep the heart beating (remain healthy)
When all the doors seem to slam shut, keep your faith and dance with hope
When no one seems to be available and all phone calls go unanswered, keep a steely will
When your career comes to a stop, take a mandatory break and loosen up

Nothing is beyond our reach if the mind is strong and the thoughts are clear
Doors cannot remain shut forever and if phone calls don't work, try "housecall"

Walk the street and stroll by the beach
Experience the scenes that you breezed by but did not see
See and feel the warmth of the morning sun and smell the fragrances of flowers
Let the morning dews wet the soul and soothe the mind

What we need is that chance - that opportunity - the ONLY chance and opportunity that will change our fortune and re-route our paths
We need only ONE chance to turn all setbacks into Successes

No one wins or losses forever.

In God we trust; losses are lessons and winnings are results
If you have not won, it is probably you have not been tested yet
Take the challenges, go for it - been there, done that!

Everyday is a new day & blessed are all who have Faith

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