Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Points of Interest

I refer to the article by Professor Lee Wei Lin "Only fair to compensate living kidney patients". Money alone cannot, and will not, compensate sufficiently nor entice anyone to part with their organs. However, it is only fair that there is some form of compensation for their selfless acts as money comes in handy to help defray costs during recovery and for unexpected challenges that may arise.

Let us support this proactive approach to find alternative solutions to ease kidney failure patients suffering; Give the patients and the newly-mint Act a chance to evolve.   

I refer to the article by various grassroots leaders "MP has no trouble connecting with Chinese temples". I fully agree that Dr Fatimah Lateef is able, and capable, of engaging her constituents and has no problems connecting with Chinese temples in her ward. 

To further engage her constituents Dr Fatimah Lateef uses Mandarin to deliver her speeches at functions too. She is selfless and will go out of her way to help and has ready listening ears. Dr Fatimah Lateef, whom Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong praised for being a multi-tasker with tremendous energy, is one of the more forward looking Member of Parliament and does not shy away from her duties. Most importantly, she come across as religion and race neutral in carrying out her duties with a big heart.

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