Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Darkest Moments of Life Is Filled With Blessings Too

Dark Moments In Life

When sickness strikes and immobilizes you, money and things material have no more value and relevance

When business fails and you are bankrupted or near insolvency, money seems to be everything and health is irrelevant

When you fail your final paper in your graduating examination, your years of sweat and toil seem to have been flushed down the chute with a single flush and gone unrewarded

But life, and living, does not end with a single event nor a single stroke!

Cherish your health and keep fit ... only YOU can help yourself. Your tomorrows is in your hands!

Money is a means to an end and not an end itself ... with time, you can pay off, write-off or make a comeback. Only with good health that you can built anew. Time is the best friend.

There are many without academic capability and qualifications who make it big today; yet some of the best make it to the top, then obtain their academic qualification like Bill Gates, or don't bothered at all like Einstein, John Majors. We need not seek recognition as we are the Proven ones.

Life is a journey and we move in cycles as naturally as night and day.

Have you not heard "How lucky I missed my flight - such as KAL 007 or Iran Air 655" Or, "I was sacked and packed up and left office @ WTC a day before 9/11; I lost my job but got to keep my life!" Or, "I decided not to join the long queue and I left; moments later the building collapsed @ Hotel NewWorld" Or, "My savings were 'too small' that Madoff slammed his door on me"

When your life stalls, rest if you must but don't quit; it is always darkest before dawn (breaks)

Not winning nor passing nor being appreciated is not an end in itself; more often than not it turns out to be a blessing

Have faith in yourself and GOD and count your blessings in your darkest moments. We have a role to play as Earthlings and there will always be better things ahead.

Dead Heroes Tell No Tales

Have Faith; God bless

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