Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hopes Turn Reality 2009/10

2009 started with shadows of the Great Depression but offers lessons of optimism, hopes & successes

We have come a long way since the Bunonic Plague (Black Death) of 1348, the Wall Street crash of 1929, the World Wars, the S&L crisis of 1980s, Singapore's recession 1985/86, the Asian Financial crisis of 1997/8, 9/11 @2001, SARS 2002/3... we survive and thrive because of HOPEs and perseverance

Hopes, encouragements and commitments go a long way to heal and rehabilitate

If AIG and Citigroup had been allowed to fail - (that they were saved from 'drowning' were, but, Sophie's choice) - we will be walking in the dark tunnels of financial age; blown back into pre-currency period. It may look foolhardy for the global Governments to act in unison with rescue and stimulus packages; its a choice between depression and warmongering or hopes with recovery.

The Tamil Tigers have demobilized and peace prevails & may Tiger Woods also find peace. There were hits and misses but eventually good sense and truths prevail.

Life is tough and may sometimes seems hopeless but with more selfless fellow beings, the tinge of hope will manifest into positive outcome. A little care goes a long way. Just to cite a few;

When I walked out of my clinic after attending to all my patients, I felt psychologically like a 44year old, 10 years younger than my actual age. Which medicine can make you feel 60years younger? Most importantly, I felt I had contributed, in a small way, to human welfare - Prof Lee Wei Ling

While it may not be possible to cure patients of all their ailments, we must offer them hope that tomorrow may be a better day. Life does not end when our heart stops beating or when we hit the ground after jumping off a building. It ends when hope begins to die - Dr Ang Peng Tiam

I try to help the less fortunate whenever possible; not that I am working to secure a place in Heaven nor to seek publicity but I want to make living more comfortable and light. And when everybody's life is lighter, the road forward will hopefully be smoother. 

I live my life fullest today and anyday; being able to help is my fortune.

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