Monday, December 7, 2009

We Thought We Learnt Our Lessons...

The only lesson we learnt is to make the next year's problems bigger and more nerve wrecking...

2000 - Nasdaq peaks at 5049 & supersonic Concorde crash ... never to be seen again

2001 - US in recession, Enron files for Chapter 11 & US WorldTradeCentre crashed

2002 - WorldCom & Global Crossing Inc slip under

2003 - Madcow disease & SARS spread & "The number of bankruptcy petitions in Singapore hit a 55-month high in July 2003 to 568, a 52 percent surge from the same period a year ago"

2004 - Tsunami strikes & kills more than 230,000 people

2005 - Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans

2006 - Case-Shiller Home Price Index peaks; the harbinger of financial disaster

2007 -  Stockmarkets crash; near perfect timing as in 1987 & 1997

2008 - Lehman Bros, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, WaMu, Northern Rock, Iceland  'sang their swan song'

2009 - GM & Chrysler declare bankruptcy; Bernie Madoff 'ponzied' US$65bil

The Decade Post-2000s Is The Decade Of Superlatives - including budget deficits and stimulus packages. 

i pray that the next BIGgest thing coming is not the use of the biggest, most destructive and maddest weapon - nuclear; otherwise, i don't get to write and you'd never get to read anymore as we all perish in the greatest
exit of Mankind.

What will we see in 2010? 

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