Saturday, November 21, 2009

Broke ... penniless

Penniless But Not Broken

I once had only S$2 a day to spend for fourteen days continuous but I took it in stride
I spent on transport and light meal; kept my smiles and remain sturdily positive

When I made my first million, I did not rejoice nor punch into the air in exhilaration
Instead I allow myself to spend as and when I wish to with little restraint but in silence

I learn to pamper myself alittle, allow some indulgences and return some to Society
I eased into charitable acts with minimum constraints

When misfortune strikes, I was hit like a pilot in a rudderless plane; trying to find land
Darkness surrounds, friends evaporated like condensation into thin air; whats left was Faith
I sold my house and cars; I cut all credit cards and de-geared speedily and I touched Earth
I stood tall with my smiles and with an unbending will

Nobody gonna pity me nor share my sorrows; I quietly accept without regrets
Like a wounded swallow without its bird's nest 有燕无窝; I rested, reflected and rebuilt from scratch

With Faith, a freshly-mint goal and a steely mind, I returned as pheonix from ashes
I learnt that whether you are rich or poor, nobody really cares
It is within you - to built, to grow and to stand tall
Jealously guard your health and be ready

Nobody is forever poor nor rich - the gateway is in your mind
I maybe as poor as a church mouse but my Faith and steely mind manifest my Aura and emits light &  lightness that no money can buy

If there is one thing calls 'Fate', it is for you to determine; I write my own Providence

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Anonymous said...

Your strength is inspiring