Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walking Towards Death

Walking the Journey of Unknown

Almost 50 years ago, I started my journey towards 'enlightenment'
With my first peekapoo, I saw light and I cried loudly; announcing my arrival while the world cheers
Like a white sheet of paper, I was to slowly but surely beginning to register and develop by the seconds

What does the future holds? I don't know!
I stand up and walk despite many falls and soon I was running
My innocence tells me that I live in an ideal world but reality sends shivers down my spine as I age

I learn to trust and belief in what I see and do, and with the people around me
Only to suffer losses and fall prey to my silliness to belief that others will be truthful and like-minded
I was framed and I paid my price, not once but twice

I am fighting back not for want of spike but for the little space I needed to survive
I am no longer getting mad, I am getting equal
I have lighten my load by leaving behind deceitful 'friends' and half-truths

What will tomorrow bring, I don't know
Will the next 50 years be more rewarding, I don't know too
I fear not that tomorrow's coming and I live today to the fullest

For when the time is up, I will return in peace and with quiet cheers
While the world will wail my departure
Like the piece of white paper thats been written all over, I return - "from dusts to dusts"

By then, its too late for regrets
Cheerish all and be the best now
For tomorrow may never come

I am still searching for Enlightenment...

I am a passing phenomenon

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