Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Just Try; DO IT

Will Try Is Not Good Enough; Just Do It

I have my fair share of successes with springlets of failures
I don't fail; Failures are lessons and I gain experiences
I walk the uncharted paths to discover new leads

Not that I am blind to reality but I chose the path less travelled
As I am made to be different

I don't make empty talks nor have shallow thoughts
I action my decisions and convert them into desired results
Well, some results were as planned but most were misses

It does hurt to have more misses than hits
But, its part of the game

If life and living is so predictable and easily determined, we will be bored to death
And what values can you find in a "Living Dead - 活生生的"?

Take the plunge and determine your own future - Just Do It
The road less travelled is more often than not more exciting and rewarding.

Ask Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein...

I live here but once; I want to live to my fullest and seek the best; hope you too

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