Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Want To Give Up

Giving Up Is So Difficult...

I am so tire of living or I should say, tire of life's challenges!
I want to give up everything and live a simple life in the mountains;
And be surrounded by Nature and away from mankind.

Jesus Christ left to lead a new flock
Gautama Buddha left in search for Enlightenment
Moses lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt

But, giving up is so ... so difficult
My family will miss me as I will miss them
My friends will miss me as much as my foes;
The former worry about my existence and well-being while the latter will have one challenger lesser.

I worked hard to make a breakthrough but success is as elusive as Robert Denby.
Many projects and prospects passed through my hands but crystalizing them into successful outcome were as slippery as an eel.

Not that I have not tried hard.
I read to comphrehend why others fail and I examine myself after every failure.
I strive to be better, in approaches, in mind and physical but ... alas!

Success is few and far.

I want to give up and surrender to the AlMighty.

If only giving up is so easy........

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