Friday, October 23, 2009

Win, Loss Or ...

The Equation

I want to be a bird; flying high and surfing the endless horizon
I enjoy the breeze, the sights, the smell ... the freedom
'Boom' and I am the game of the hunter

I am the lion; king of the jungle
I roam the Earth and my thunderous roars command one and all
'Alas' when I am old and sickly, I am feast to the hyenas

I am Napolean; I am Alexander - I am the conquerer
I ruled half the world and my sight rung fear into my enemies
But with Death the Leveller, I return to dusts

There are no weaklings nor absolutely powerful elements within us
There are nothing to prevent us from climbing mountains and swimming the oceans
It is the environment that, if appropriately harness, manifest into desirable results

And it is YOU who must live with the outcome

You can be QingShiHuang, Hitler, DengXiaoPing or Stalin...
Aboveall, You must be yourself

Winning or losing is part of the game; be there, done that

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