Saturday, October 24, 2009

Register of spirit mediums on cards

the edited version was published in (Oct 13) Forum Online.

Please refer to the article by Mr Yen Feng, dated 12 Oct 09, 'Register of spirit mediums on cards'.

It is commendable for the Taoist Federation(TF) to begin voluntary registration of mediums. However, let us ponder on some relevant pointers before proceeding.

1) How do you train mediums? Genuine believers understand that not everyone can be, or will be selected to act as, mediums. The selection and appointment of someone to act as a medium is more often than not an unexplained phenomenon from the Godly Realm.

2) What are the qualifications and basis needed before a license to practice mediumship will be issued? A diploma? An apprenticeship scheme? I emphatised with many others over the unfortunate suicides of two teens but let us not overreact. To say the least, the teens who claimed to be practicing Taoism and commited suicide recently were troubled, misguided and mislead youths. To pin their sad ending on Taoism or their purported Taoist practices is to deny the underlying challenging issues facing today's youths.

3) How do TF or any relevant bodies intend to regulate mediumship practices? Where religious practices are concern, moral suasion, education and broad guidelines are preferred choices. In practice, can TF or any relevant governing bodies stop someone from being a medium (Tang Ki) and challenge that he is not genuine? The answer is probably nearer "No". Let us not slip down the slippery road of being mortally superior but to allow and respect the freedom of religious practices. If necessary, be prepared to guide.

In conclusion, I must say I do not know much about Toaism and am speaking in my personal capacity. My contention is 'Let us be the guide and light of wisdom and inspire the righteous and genuine practioners along the Truthful path'.

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