Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Magic Millions

What does a million mean to you?

A million ...

Buys you a private apartment but comes with long term commitment and burden

Drives you to work harder to double the million and bogs you down to material challenges

Gives you a 'feel good' day to daydream all that you wanted to do but have yet to start doing

Gives you immediate comfort and a sense of well-being but also sets you thinking

But ...

A million blessings will help you stay out of trouble and keep you healthy

A million well-wishers will warm your heart and give you a steely mind

A million achievable hopes will motivate you towards your goals

A million helping hands will save more people in distress and alleviate sufferings

You can have a million dollar$ which gives you material and short-term reprieve;

I prefer A Million Blessings, Well-wishers, Achievable hopes, Helping hands because these will, by extension, bring me multiples of millions with peace and harmony.

I gain something and every others gain with me

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