Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Mighty Mind

What the mind can think, I can deliver.

Positive begets positive
Success begets successes

If you think you are sick, you are!
The decay in your mind transmit negative ions and flood the physique; you become physically impaired and is immobilized

If you think you cannot, you can't!
You have brutalized and cannibalized your abilities to perform the moment you think you can't.

If you think the people around you do not like you, you are damned!
You have ringfenced yourself and created a barrier where no one can get near you, let alone being your friend.

If you think your superior looks down on you or are belittling you and is not giving you any chances to demonstrate your abilities, you set yourself a glass ceiling from which you are housed-in.

... the lists go on............

The problem is "YOU"
The solution is also in "You"

When it must go wrong, it will go wrong - anytime, anywhere, whatever your dreams

Give yourself a chance as no one will...
Get up with a smile, wash up and smile at the beautiful creature you see (first thing) when you look into the mirror... "Yourself"

You will notice how the radiance in you is going to outshine the desert sun!

And, from this moments on, the world smiles with you

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