Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stockmarket Cycles

Stockmarket : Past, Current, Crystal-balling

A billion thanks to all my friends who read my blog. I have written on various issues but the stockmarket is something I like to opine though (mostly) unsolicited. The following were voiced;

7 Feb 2009 : Recovery 08.02.2009 - The East

..."Where the stockmarkets are concerned, its 'Trade with care' as fortune rewards the brave; For those who think they can bottom-fish and pile back into the markets after the crash like before, further dip is not a remote possibility..."

23 Mar 2009 : Stockmarket - The Uneasy Calm

..."For cash rich investors and those who needs to deploy their funds, its ideal to 'buy on weakness'... "

10 May 2009 : Uneasy Stockmarkets - Momentum Trading Or Guess Works

..." What you see is called "Momentum Trading", that is, you trade the trend and by sheer strength of liquidity, views are forced to change with the tides..."

Going Forward

In the various write-ups, I have forwarded my personal opinions as to why events move beyond commonsense and it demands steely political will to rein in the excesses.

Writers and scholars have given their miles of writings and arguments as to when and why the stockmarket will go up or down. In this update of mine, I offer none.

I will venture to say, and thus test, the empirical probabilities that :

1) Sentiments dull and stockmarket moves down in, or around, a Lunar Eclipse

2) Sentiments improve and stockmarket moves up in, or around, a Solar Eclipse

The differences is in the degree of rises or declines.

The following dates are worth observing to determine if there is, or isn't, a correlation; During the year 2009, two solar and four lunar eclipses occur as follows:


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Anonymous said...

Glad to meet you in person just now! Great chat! I certainly will explore your hypothesis Lunar vs Stockmarket cycles.

Anonymous said...

mr.philip, 7 july is coming.hope good time to buy