Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its all about LUCK!

When the Angels smile at you

I witnessed what happened at the bar counter today:

The bartender had just finished cleaning the bar counter and left.
A flock of birds flew onto the bar counter to feast on fresh specks of water in and around the sink. They were merrily 'feasting', singing and noisily 'chatting' with one another and after awhile they flew back to nest in the trees.
The supervisor came by and angrily reprimanded a cleaner standing nearest the bar counter (who happened to walk past), "How can the bar counter be so dirty with bird droppings all over? Get it cleaned up immediately"

It was all over within 10mins.

If the bartender was sacked for not doing his work, it was definitely not his fault. The poor cleaner was reprimanded just simply because she was present in the wrong place at the wrong time!

How unfair can life be?

That's life mate; accept what fate dishes to you.

Sometimes when things go wrong, as they may, or when your luck is not in your favour, accept it gracefully, learn from it and walk away.

For all the good and bad that you have done, God notices. As to whether rewards or retribution befall you, time will tell. Good work may not be rewarded yet but don't give up, the birds will come by one day to sing praises and bring you good luck when its due and the Angels will smile with you.

Of course, if you are bad, maybe you will be given a load of shits.

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