Saturday, June 6, 2009


Going Green Or Going Extinct?

There is only one Mandate from Heaven:

Go forth and live wholesomely and fruitfully. Climb the mountains, swim the oceans and coexist with nature harmoniously. Dinosaurs didn't disappear but evolve over time to become smaller as there were lesser food to go round!

Either we live in harmony or some day, one of us got to disappear....

Heaven 天Earth 地People人

Heaven creates Earth and bless it with abundance so that People can procreate, prosper and pan out. There is no need to worry about Malthusian effect but Homosapiens, (taxonomically Homo sapiensLatin: "wise man" or "knowing man"). are highly able to self-destruct as the iota of wisdom declines overtime; in its place you find selfishness, greed, indifference and tonnes of evil intents.

Be wise, be nice.

Our many 'tomorrows' depend on what we do TODAY

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