Saturday, September 19, 2009

Successess Within

The Globe In My Hand

I know tomorrow will come but I rather make the best use of 'today' cos I may not be around to enjoy the 'tomorrows'.

I know my family will be with me for the better or worse cos I find warmth at home.

I find truth to be revealing and exacting; we are as good as what we are and capable of. If fools succeed, pigs will fly!

I worked hard and earn every cents the honest, hard way; nobody is going to walk over my grave and takes my hardearned money away without a fight.

I believe that the 'more I give, the more I will get'. But, to start with, I must have enough, if not excess, to give!

I strived to do my best but I am strained and stretched as I look for success(es) which are scarce; without meaningful breakthrough I can only inched forward within my limited resources but unlimited confidence.

The spirit is willing though the body is weak but with an iota of confidence and motivation, the mountain shall makeway for the highways.

Somehow I know for sure that everything is within me and destiny is in my hands.

I have traveled the distance; with more happy, successful & blissful outcomes as I move forward. My fire is burning, alittle by little, the flame shall engulf victory.

My Life Is In My Hands

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