Saturday, September 26, 2009

Embracing Zen

Will I or Will I Not... see light?

I feel immobilized at the pupae stage; I can't reverse my motion neither can I rush forward.

As long as my wings are not ready to flap and fly, no one can expedite the process nor assist me to open the enclosure.

Any unnatural and inept attempts to lift my wings will result in me being paralysed permanently.

I am the beautiful butterfly 'in the making' but struggling to be able to fly and gain recognition.

Vain, as I am; I must resist the temptation to break away from, and break, the Law of Nature.

I have waited, and is still waiting, for the moment of truth; the moment when I can glide gracefully and fly into the freedom that I have been awaiting.

A moment of folly will decimate my future.

Will I be silly and folly enough to rush into a moment of reckless fame and be banished and buried forever?

A moment of satisfaction, a life of regrets!

I shall wait and sit out this methamophorsis; my day shall come.

Sooner, rather than later.

In my Zenly state, every moment is Nature-driven.

Patience; and victory shall be mine

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