Monday, October 10, 2016

Limits of Life

there's a limit to ...

How fast to go, how swift to get results, how determine you're to gain or defeat your opponents..?
Every decisions come with a price - take him down at all cost or walk away like a wounded dodo!
There is a time for everything and doing nothing is the hardest - 发呆 - lying low and waiting!

I have been used to fast life, high tension, high stress jobs; anything less is a deliberate act to manage, wait for the perfect time 天时地利人和 ,be ready and ...Pounce!
But, the waiting can be killing; suicidal at times.
I never wait for the 'perfect time' as I believe anytime is good time.
But, but... I have hit too many obstacles such that I'm weakened but alive 不是生活而是活生生的

When the going is tough, the tough keeps going
Positive thinking is great but it's tonnes of bullshit if 'YOU" are simmering & swimming in it
There is light at the end of the tunnel; what if it's a train coming?
Tough people lasts, tough times don't is another bullshit; how is it humanly possible to face defeat again, again & again?
The caregivers normally die ahead of the patients!

I am a lighthouse to many they claimed.
But, who is to know that I have my hurdles and challenges?
Do I complain? NO
I can only do my best & leave the rest...easier said than done.
When I am completely down, I switch 'OFF' completely

If there is GOD, then GOD is responsible for my well being and blessings.
I always believe there is GOD & he is always with me, by my side

Over the years, I have been learning to stay away from negative people, including the compulsive complainants.
They bring nothing but loads of problems to you and do not seek solutions as "everything is also 'CANNOT & unable'; they seek to drown you in their problems.
Alas, they beggar thy neighbors
Stay away from them if you are down; that is Survival

It's that much I can do!
It's that much I can tolerate and 'push the frontiers'.
Having no friends is not a problem; it's having 'problemed' friends that kill.
I ...I need to unload my burden to someone & the someone is "GOD"

Like my data plan, I have almost reach my limits.
Overdrafts and added costs must be avoided at all costs.
The time is due for a reset.
In GOD I trust

The only greatness is 'if & when you are alive'.
If you are dead, nothing else matters...the smart 'live to fight another day'!

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