Saturday, August 13, 2016

The World Loves A Winner

winning is everything...

Singapore's swim star, Joseph Issac Schooling, made news when he won the Rio olympic gold (swimming) with a record 50.39sec
The lackadaisical intent to provide live telecast on the games spoke volumes Ministers corrected the earlier intent to provide delay telecast of the games
Suddenly, when Schooling made it to the finals of the Fly event, every/the "Who's Who" all spoke up
Alas! What an afterthought! Everyone loves a winner

More than $300m were spent on the YOG which ended with a whimper; a cost over-ran of >$200m..."...exceeded its original budget of S$104 million by three times...!" 
No one took wink yet $6m to pay for live telecast was an after-thought...omigosh
Well, everything turned well after the WIN
This WIN was better felt & loved than the winnings by imported sportspersons

It was a WIN that we can call our own ~ by Singaporean, for Singaporeans

The FB pages were flooded with Schooling... ***WIN*** Everyone loves a winner

Only the First will be remembered
- the first man on the moon ~ Neil Armstrong
- the first man to swim the English Channel without the use of artificial aids ~ Capt Matthew Webb
- the first man to climb Mt Everest ~ Sir Edmund Hillary
- the first Black as President of USA ~ John Hanson 1781 [Modern day is Barack Obama]

Schooling was not exactly favoured; hence the reluctance to telecast the Rio Games live
But, with this win...many will line up to cheer him & sponsor him too
Let those who had doubts to be schooled in "For Singaporeans, By Singaporeans, With Singaporeans
The elite is still in their ivory tower
The commoners are here to cheer with our very own Singaporean, Schooling, with their hearts

Perhaps, it is overdue to stop importing (foreign) sportspersons
It is also overdue to stop giving away free scholarship to foreigners
If you do not give our young a chance to learn, train, be encouraged and motivated, how in the world will there ever be a pool of local talents? Do not ask others to dream an empty dream
The elite cannot holed up in the ivory tower...toooooooooo loooooooooong

Cheers to the winner
For Singaporeans, By Singaporeans, With Singaporeans..,with a heart of truth & compassion

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