Monday, August 1, 2016

August - Illustrious & Distinguished

august - the eighth month ... respected & impressive, distinguished, illustrious 

It's the change of the seasons
Autumn is near where the old are shed, energy conserved and time to slow down
Slowing down is not quitting; it to recharge for a longer journey
Nature has a way of "bloom in Spring, build in Summer, conserve in Autumn & relax into Winter"
But... I have not achieved anything in the last seven months except fire fighting

The economic landscape is challenging
Costs of living is still increasing and obstacles mounting; alas! when will these abate
Live we must
Like August, it's time to spend less, eat less... maybe, also work less
The rush is over; do not rush to the end of life

Why is August distinguished & illustrious? It's the season ~ golden leaves, aura of gold shedding
When you shed in order to survive Winter
There is the balance of Yin & Yang 阴阳
I want to fill up August with gusto & complete all that I had not done for the first 7 months
The Power of Positives beget positives

Will the next half year be any better
I don't know but I'm not letting up; came rain, sunshine or thunderstorm
I do not believe in giving up nor giving in...surrender is not in my vocabulary
When I win, I win handsomely
I shall enjoy the golden shedding into the whitely Winter

If tomorrow comes & many will know I am the rain maker

What count are achievements, results, ultimatum ...I shall be there

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