Thursday, August 4, 2016

Harness The Energy Of Time

when the night is young...

How young is young and there're limitation of what the young can do
There're are constraints as time flows continuously & unconsciously and nobody can stop it
Somehow, the young night turns into day when dawn breaks
Time and tides wait for no man
Young are filled with energy whilst the elders are blessed with experiences

A giant tree can make millions of match sticks but one match stick can burn down the forest
Drips and drops fill the ocean but there are insufficient (drinkable) water for consumption
Gold are dug from the ground and stored in security-tight vaults
Vast stretches of farmland & greens are unearthed and raided for urban development
Animals, flora & fauna are forced into extinction while zoos and orchards are built to exhibit them

Great civilization come and go
They do not collapsed because of Nature but died in Man's fallacies & foolishness
History has no lack of fools
There was the League of Nations before United Nations
Self-interests will undermine unity & perpetuate distrusts ~ leading to war & destruction

WW1 & WWII came and went with minimum destruction to mankind
WWIII, if happens, will be MAD ~ Mutual Assured Destruction ~ where mankind will be nuked into oblivion
Man's need to dominate another is the most potent pill for suicide
Compassion, care & share and the willingness to resist dominance will extend lives
All/Any GODs cannot stop 'the end of the world', but Man himself

I am a positive and I believe we will live forever until such a day when Man self-destruct

I am not here to judge nor to listen to others criticism and bias opinions
My life is dictated by myself, for myself ~ GOD willing, I will succeed
Today is the best day as tomorrow is never promised
I will make my day shine, warm & illustrious ~ Victory is mine to keep
Worry not; for worry do not solve anything

The sun will still rise & the moon shines

Be the best today ~ be Healthy & Happy

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