Monday, August 1, 2016

Conformity Is The Surest Way To Failures

success ~ the elusive chase...

A research involving 100 persons, aged 25, showed that, by the time they are 65 years old, One succeeded, Four are financially independent & 95 didn't make it.

Amazingly, all started zealously but why so few make it?

Everyone were brave and adventurous at start but failed along the way, not because they turned coward but they conformed.
Conformity narrowed their choice to decision making and divert away from their dreams. People succeed because they have a goal & they know where they are going.

Like a boat that set sail, the destination has been decided.

We become what we think about; You reap what you sow. You cannot expect to harvest mangoes when you planted rambutans, can you?

Everything & every dreams and wants begin with an idea. Jack Ma didn't let his lack of funds sink his dream. He make globalisation seamless and borderless & connects the supply chain via internet. It was a dream few believed in...

Li Ka-shing made a few strategic decisions to leapfrog into the forefront of commerce from making plastic flowers to properties to warehousing to internet & telcos. He feeds on the fad of the day.

Everyone of us is the 'sum total of our thoughts'.

Jackie Chan was a stuntman and an extra before he hit the box-office big time. He differentiated himself from the then famous, Bruce Lee. Conformity is the surest way to failures.

Focus on the positives & do more than what you are required to do. There is no excesses but surpluses ~ the reserves that you have built will return to boost your fortunes.

Ask & you shall get
Seek & you shall find
Knock & the door opens to you

Life winnings are there for you if you care to move towards your goal
No one but you shall harvest your fruits someday
As a person ages, his choices narrow and his winnings wane ~ he become satisfied as the sun sets on him

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