Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crisis = Opportunity

When opportunity knocks...

Crisis 危机 is an unstable, dangerous and non-routine situation
Does the situation gets back to normal, worse or better after the crisis?
If we learn the lesson. 'the pheonix rises from the ashes'
If we ignore or does nothing, its almost always worse and seldom gets back to normalcy

But, one thing for sure; whatever the outcome, the next crisis is always bigger and of a greater degree

Man comes and goes as time shall flow
Change is the only constant
Lessons are seldom learnt thus history repeats itself
Greed, selfishness, envy, vanity and pride destroy civilization & man

Words and actions always differ on application and plunge the world deeper into the unknown

The Saints and the Great Teachers preach the Way of Life
The Holy sows the seeds of calm, enrichment and enlightenment
Mortals enact mortally sins
Worldly truths are few and half-truths flood the ocean floor

Crisis means Danger Opportunity in Mandarin
There is Opportunity in Danger
The righteous and swift who remains calm and calculated sees opportunity in a crisis
You can be ONE

Luck Is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity
- i need not be smart; all i need is luck

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