Monday, February 15, 2010

Shoot For Perfection

When things go wrong...

They look for scapegoats
They shall shoulder the blame, we are always blameless
The winner may be the loser who hides behind and leaves the trail of blames on others
Everyone have a reason why it went wrong and few, if any, have solutions
They will talk, discuss, debate 'who causes the failures' instead of 'why it fails and whats the solutions'

I give my best shot
If it must go wrong, it will
I worry not as the solutions lie in the problem

There is no need to blame anyone; including myself

Who dares win; I win hands-down
The best winnings, the best battles, the sweetness of victories is not in straight wins
But, its the seemingly lost cause that was won

Winnings are not God-given
Its a moment when near defeats are turned inside out
And I am left standing tall... alone

I am who I am

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