Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Never Believe In Doom

Giving Myself A Chance

The next time you feel the world turns against you, shift into your inner guts and listen
Researchers have noted that we use under 20% of our brain in our lifetime; listen to your heart and use your brain, you will remake success time and again

The mind is more elastic and creative than you think
Remap your mind and try new ways to solve old problems and challenges
You either leave no stones unturn or you leave the scene a failure
= the choice is clear

Discover the new you with newer frontiers
After so many years of slogging as a loyal and industrious employee, you became unemployed yet struggling to find new jobs
Is the problem you or society? It doesn't matter really

When enough people are unemployed or underemployed
They resigned to fate and reclassify as dropouts
Be the deal leader and entrepreneur
You either lead them out of doom or your perish with the herd
Get your act together; do a deal on a success basis
You will be rewarded; you either gain in $$$ money or experiences

Nobody dies trying; they die waiting

Making mistakes and gaining success is part of the game
Nobody wins without trying
The perfect outcome for doing nothing is Failure

Speak out against wrongs and imperfections
 Accepting incorrect efforts and commitments is accepting defeat

If you find your life is boring, go make it exciting
Who's stopping you? Be real...

I believe in myself
My life knows no boundary


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog(:

It gives me strong encouragements and brought me out of my depressed zones for a moment.

Love your words, love the phrases. (:

You had changed my thoughts in a positive way, unknowingly!

All the best!

And, Thank You very much.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you are back !

Me too !

missed your articles for weeks.

enjoyable, encouraging & mind-opener.

Thanks ! for the blessing !

Cheers !