Monday, January 2, 2012

When The Sun Sets On Me

Time flies and the sun sets on me ...

When I was young, an elderly aunty told me that 'if you suffer during your younger days, your later years will be more rewarding, fun-filled and relax'.

True, to a certain extent!

I worked doubly hard, never complain and take whatever comes
My youthful stamina, strengths and 'never-say-die' attitude conquers new frontiers
There was simply NO time to worry

Trials and tribulations
Tears and sweat
There was no time to reflect

Fastforward to today;

Children are grown up, with few financial obligations and plentiful of time to spare
Jobs? Work? It never cross my mind to look for work or jobs
I am worn and weary after repeated failures and I ain't a beggar

Guess, I am a digit in the unemployed database, ignored and forgotten
Not that I am lazy or indifferent - maybe I have priced myself out of work or simply seen as too old to work
All the talk about working to 62 years old or more are just TALKs

Do I feel rejected, discarded, cheated or 'uncared-for'?
Not at all!
The World is real and the real world is cruel
'Survival of the fittest' and 'winners take all' are norms

Whatever the propaganda, I see my country as an 'animal farm'

I have been wronged, not once but twice, in Courts and I bit the bullet, took the punches and moved on
I am absolutely sure of my innocence and a victim of circumstances
Friends come and go as doors close and windows open
There is no mercy nor sympathy for any fallen man; why would there be?
Why would I want or need one?

Blaming the world is to immerse in misery
I'd rather get out well and alive than to live in on blind hopes
I may bring the truths to my grave but I believe all the perpetrators will have their share of retribution
There are only two things I cannot decide; being born and the day when death knocks

Whatever you do, always be prepared
Prepared to enjoy the consequences; for better or worse
No one will dwell in the dark forever

When the Sun sets on me, I switch on the lights, keeps myself busy & warm and waits for daybreak  

You can break my bones and tear my flesh
But, nobody can steal my guts, attitude & Soul

I am who I am
The Incurable Positive

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