Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year - Chinese New Year

Every year a new year comes around ...

Be it Deepavali, Hari Raya, New Year or Chinese New Year, loads of new resolutions and hopes abound
Everyone pitches a new hope, a new longing, a new beginning

The gambler wants to give up gambling, the drug addict resolves to kick his habit
The family man/breadwinner pledges to put more bread, butter and bacon on the table
The leader promises to bring his flock to higher grounds and a better future
Even the beggar swears "I will make it" out of this dunk and poverty

That's the beauty of "NEW"
New year, new determination, new-found strength and conviction, new focus and direction ...
And now 'New Normal'
That's the difference between 'wanting and doing', 'words and actions', 'plots and dreams'

Spring cleaning includes cleaning the home, tidying the office, breathing new dimension to the environment, most importantly, for a moment, clearing up all stale thoughts
The brain needs regular 'clearing and cleansing'; not voodoo though
If only, we constantly feel new, breathe new and act new, we will be constantly (fully) driven and motivated, focus and highly spirited, ready and proactive, and free from ill-health

Continue to make your resolution and change where necessary

Somehow, everyone wants to change or re-direct his focus
But, its always 'I am too busy', 'no time', 'next time', 'tomorrow' ...
Absolute nonsense! If you want to change, why continue spending your time and effort trying to better what you are doing? A wrong solution is NO solution

I have learnt early to understand why NEW YEARs are important
New Year is a moment when our adrenaline charges, when the mind is sharp and where we action our thoughts

My New Year comes quarterly or earlier; I review my intent and plans regularly
By doing so, I avoided the crowd and somehow progress a little further
Not necessarily successful but definitely less frustrating

I wish all my dreams will come true, but l must say "My Dreams Keep Moving" ...
Maybe, its the many NEW YEARs I have in a year

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