Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Live The Best Like There Is No Tomorrow

From the darkness, came light...

A charity lunch for the elderly and less fortunate
Brighten their lives for the next two hours
Food, performances, 'angpows', friendship
Aboveall, they enjoyed care and companionship
Are they lucky?

I witnessed a monthly adoption (I asked, and was told by, the hotel manager) program in Shanghai, China, where orphans are adopted by foreigners, mainly Westerners
Are these orphans lucky?

I'd like to believe that, in both cases, they're lucky

Moments of relieve and enjoyment are like 'lucky breaks'
Thank God for small mercy
You may suffer all the time but lucky breaks soothe the Soul and calm the mind
For anyone who is unsure of his next meal, a little certainty boost the spirit
There is "HOPE"

I watched able-bodied persons, especially foreigners, sell tissues
I wondered if those buying are compassionate and magnanimous or simply 'pay' to shoo them away
For those who begs, I normally resist giving money but will always offer to buy them a meal whenever possible
Why? I'd like to keep them full than 'to encourage a syndicated operation to make money'
I do not judge; just doing what I think is win-win and relevant

How to help the less fortunate? For a start, I need to be self-sufficient before I can be charitable
Charity is never cheap
Many say 'you need not be rich to do charity'; fairly correct but 'if I can't swim, how am I to save a drowning person?'
I shall leave poetic charity to others imagination

The able are fast becoming less mobile and un-able
They do most things through the net; eMarket, eBuy, eDelivery, eEverything...
In the first group, they are 'homed-in' because they couldn't get out and travel whereas the eGroup lock themselves up within the four walls

How I wish life is so clearly divided along clean lines! 

Whatever works
I am not here to advocate saving one group nor to save all
I choose to believe that 'we are all empowered to make a decision'; you have a choice
Man proposes, God disposes
It's not how unlucky you are
It's how to live best when others live miserably

We have about 30,000 days to live
Whether you live well or life is a living hell is a choice
Go to the hospice and see the struggle to earn another day alive
Try visiting the ICU and watch how hopes slip through some hands
When you are terminally ill and dying, your loved ones hope you live on
When you live on, the financial worries drown your loved ones with a new set of challenges

Guess, everyone needs to be concerned but worrying solve no problems

Live on
Live the best like there is no tomorrow
Serve, care & share with your fellowmen
Do your best and leave the rest

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