Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To Do Or Not To Do

the rebound came to the commodities market then the stockmarket...

In 10th February 2016, I wrote "Every good deserves another chance.."; well, we see it again in the stockmarket
The rebound was impulsive in price and speed
In 5th February 2016, a random mentioned of 17 stocks, all did well except for 4 ; alas 76% hit with the balance 3 even & one loss...
Everyone wants to make money but few wants to do homework
Is there life or lie in the stockmarket? Your guess...

In general, this world is fairly unpredictable
But, in the long run, the cyclical never fail
Delay? Yes but the impact replace lateness
Sometimes, I wait patiently for the fruits to ripe
At times, I remain indifferent and continue to plough
Waiting faithfully for my rewards...
Sometimes, in vain

I am still waiting for my Lucky Break

My God often tells me to sit it out and wait for my turn
I know because I am worse off financially but I have a healthier body
I spend the downtime keeping fit, working out and staying sane amidst humor
I can only hope ~ like the butterfly at its pupa stage; dead yet alive
Is this what's called the 'living dead 活生生的"
Guess, it's cyclical

发呆 Relax
I do my best and leave the rest
If destiny is time base, then I can't turn the clock any faster
Perhaps, as I mentioned before, it is harder to "Do Nothing 不动,不反,只守。。。静" than to "Do Something "

I had tried to do, to react, to preempt like ”不到虎穴 哪得虎子 to steal a cub, venture into the cave/den “, but the results have always been disastrous ...& financially draining
I have learnt to bide my time

Tomorrow is never promised neither will it stagnate

LUCKY ~ Luck is where preparation meets opportunity
I create opportunities
I am proactive
I am always prepared...but, between being smart and lucky
Nothing outstanding can be achieved without the LUCK

I hope Luck is not cyclical

I live best when others live worse ~ one meal a day, water, sunlight and plentiful of motivation
Keeping the mind sane, I share humor and read
A sharp mind needs constant polishing and reminding...
Until the next success kicks in, I am like the hidden gem waiting to be polished

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