Monday, March 21, 2016

The Weak Man Is Not A Loser

I'm a flat tyre...

Why is it a flat tyre is painful and uncomfortable? Because everyone is used to its smoothness
Why are wheels made of rubber when other materials are equally good? Comfort & noiceless
The wheel of fortune is filled with ecstasy, uncertainties and is never promised
Getting it right does not equal reward

I have seen it all but until today I cannot stomach some setbacks still
It's not that I am any weaker but from time to time the biorhythm falls into new low
My new low is relatively higher than the average person yet I am 'punctured'

I am sought after for professional advices but many simply 'milked' & disappear
I have my circles of fans, supporters and well-wishers
Not that I am looking for rewards, appreciation and acknowledgement ...
But, alas, I am as human as everyone

I have a big "WHY"; why despite my earnest work attitude, ability and capability, I'm still struggling
Why I always hit the wall and hardly enjoy a full bloom harvest
Drips & drabs ...yes! These don't quench my thirst of satisfaction and recognition aka self-actualisation
I am drained

While I have provided the best and cared for others
I had been shot many times, falsely accused and framed
Even within my family
I can only seek consolation in the Lord Buddha观音

I wriggled into a tiny, warm, cushy corner in my Lord's arm
I hibernate, rejuvenate, recast and return stronger
The human mind is bendable and amendable
But, like every human, someday...I am afraid I may fail

Walking with Buddha and journeying with her is always a Blessing
Buddha is my safe haven and harbor

Whatever!! I will try my best and leave the rest
I shall rest when tired 休息是为了走更长的路
When unsure, retreat, reassess, relief then proceed
I am like a snail moving along with a huge burden above ~ the heavy shell

The snail can't move without its shell & go naked; that's home & protection

Guess, we all have our 'UPs and DOWNs'
Enjoy every moments as good or bad, like day and night, comes and goes
Get up, get going...
The power of God creates wonders

I shall WIN
REWARD is near
If you don't try, failure is a certainty
Try, try, try...and there is a even chance of SUCCESSES

So what if I am a punctured tyre? I can still continue my journey albeit a little discomfort

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